Monday, 30 August 2010

A Photo I'm Proud Of

I'm not a big blogger (as you can tell) but I like to read other peoples.

Over at, there is a meme called the gallery. Lots of people whose blogs I read take part in this gallery every week. Tara Cain posts a suggestion, a topic, and the bloggers post a photo which relates.

A couple of weeks ago the theme was A Photo I'm Proud Of.

Well this got me thinking. I'm not a great photographer. I don't own a fancy camera. My trusty little Samsung digital camera got me through for 5 years, until it broke this summer :(

But I have a photo I'm proud of.

This photo was taken in October 2007, when my other half and I went to New York. It was our first holiday together. The weather was spectacular for the time of year, and the city was amazing.

The photo was taken in Central park, looking over to the West Side.

I'm also very proud of this little chap:

We named him Mr Toitle. He was just wandering around Central Park, minding his own :)

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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Recent Projects

Having finished off some knitting, I thought I'd share the photo's with you.

My friend is pregnant. So I thought this would be the best time for me to practice some more complicated knitting.

As I am just getting back into knitting, I did a little search for "easy" patterns on The search came up with these little booties and another search threw up the hat. Very cute!!

I also did a white version of the blue blanket I did a couple of months ago. It looked much neater this time, and the wool was supersoft. Perfect for a baby blanket.

It also gave me the chance to use my new "knitted with love" labels :o)

Perfect gift! Hope she (and baby) like them.


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